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scanning sequential - sequence of complete gantry rotation followed by table movement with the patient spiral - continuous gantry rotation and table movement volume of raw data is generated, from which axial images are reconstructed using interpolation slip ring technology allowed transmission of energy t • The CT technologist will help you get into position on the CT table. We will use pillows to help you stay in the best position for the scan. • The contrast will be injected through your IV. • The technologist will then leave the room. You will be alone in the room during the scan, but the technologist can see, hear, and spea Download PDF - https://rapidgator.net/file/65af3a85df438c8155b1b049ffe71960Step by Step CT Scan1. History and Basics, 2. Development of Scanner Technology, 3.. Head CT Approach First - evaluate normal anatomical structures, window for optimal brain tissue contrast Second - assess for signs of underlying pathology such as: mass effect, edema, midline shift, hemorrhage, hydrocephalus, subdural or epidural collection/hematoma, or infarction Third - evaluate sinuses and osseous structure Download file - Step by Step CT Scan PDF.pdf. Download files directly from other sites into your account. Note: If the files are on another file download site or password protected, this may not work

Step by Step CT Scan PDF. 2.72 MB PDF Step by Step CT Scan PDF - Arslan Library To read a CT scan, start by noting the shades of white, gray, and black since dense tissues like bone will be in the white areas, air and fat show as dark gray or black, and soft tissues and fluids will read as various shades of gray Routine procedure for some CT examinations includes scanning without contrast material, then repeating the study with intravenous contrast enhancement. Some protocols call for repeating the study at diff erent phases of contrast enhancement. Whenever possible, the repeat scans should be taken at the same location as the unenhanced images

Unlike a conventional x-ray—which uses a fixed x-ray tube—a CT scanner uses a motorized x-ray source that rotates around the circular opening of a donut-shaped structure called a gantry. During a CT scan, the patient lies on a bed that slowly moves through the gantry while the x-ray tube rotates around the patient, shooting narrow beams of x-rays through the body To read a CT scan, start by noting the shades of white, gray, and black since dense tissues like bone will be in the white areas, air and fat show as dark gray or black, and soft tissues and fluids will read as various shades of gray. If you're looking at bilateral organs, like your kidneys or the 2 lobes of the brain, compare the 2 sides to look for any abnormalities the prototype of the first medical CT scanner and is considered the father of computed tomography. CT was introduced into clinical practice into 1971 with a scan of a cystic frontal lobe tumor on a patient at Atkinson Morley Hospital in Wimbledon (United Kingdom). After this, CT was immediately welcomed by the medical community an

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CT Shielding: EXAMPLE • Workload (Body scanner) 175 Patients/work week (35 Patients/day) 1.25 Scans/patient (pre- & post-contrast) 60 Average scan length (cm) 0.5 Gantry rotation time (s) 120 kVp 300 Average effective mAs (Implies 300 mAs at pitch of 1.0) 7.8 Average total scan time (s) 0.08 nCTDI 100 (mGy/mAs Preparing for Your CT Scan Before your scan you will go to the CT Prep room, where there is a TV. You may need to drink a glass of special juice called Contrast. Contrast helps make the pictures nice and clear so your doctors can see everything they need to see. We have lots of flavors to choose from This tutorial presents a systematic, step-by-step guide to quickly quantify abdominal circumference as a proxy for WC and SM using a cross-sectional CT image from a regional diagnostic CT scan for clinical identification of sarcopenia SCANNING Anatomical Start TOP OF DIAPHRAGM Anatomical Stop CREST OR BELOW ABD. ORGANS Inspiration YES FILMING/WINDOWING Soft Tissue YES Lung Windows YES NOTES: PATIENT TO DRINK ORAL CONTRAST 1-1 1/2 HRS. PRIOR TO START OF SCAN. GIVE PATIENT ONE MORE DOSE RIGHT BEFORE STARTING SCAN 3. Go to the image at scan location S80 in the Series 1, Helical scans. 4. Select Measure in the tools and select a circular ROI. Increase the size of the ROI to about 1000 mm2 and position it in the center of the phantom image. (See Image below 5. Record both the Mean CT Number and the standard deviation from the ROI into the QA data sheet. 6

Computed tomography (CT) scanning is an extremely common imaging modality in modern medicine.With advancements in technology, it is rapidly replacing many diagnostic radiographic procedures. In this article, we will outline the basic science behind CT scans, describe the principles of interpretation, and highlight their advantages and drawbacks compared to other imaging techniques Step by step procedure Step 1 - Diagnosis and treatment planning..... 6 Step 2 - Preparing the scan..... 1

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Click the Profile drop-down box, then click one of the following options: Select the type of scanner. Click the Source drop-down box, then click one of the following options: Feeder - Select this option if your documents are fed into the scanner through a chute. Used for scanning multiple documents into one PDF The protocol we use with our 32-detector CT scanner is shown in Table 2. Other similar protocols can be used with different CT equipment (13-15). Table 3 shows the three main questions that need to be answered with CT protocol in patients with acute stroke and the specific procedures that wil Side-step to convolution theory ∗ f(x) g(x) = f(x) ∗g(x) a b a+b To explain the apparent paradox, we need to revisit an importantaspect of convolution theory. When two function are convolved, the result of this operation has a support equal to the sum of the supports of the individual functions Computer Tomography (CT or CAT) Preparation Instructions . Note: The following preps are for adult outpatient care only. What is a CT Scan? Computed tomography, called CT or CAT scanning, is an x -ray system that uses a computer to take detailed images of the head, spine, chest, pelvis, abdomen, extremities, and other areas of the body

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A CT (computed tomography) scan, also called a CAT scan, is a type of specialized X-ray. The scan can show cross-sectional images of a specific area of the body. With a CT scan, the machine. • CT scan and/or an MRI of the inner ear • Psychological assessment of the patient's and/or family's motivation for implantation and expectations • Speech and language assessment to measure the patient's language aptitude and ability to lip-read 2. Evaluations Step by step cochlear implantatio However, the scan-move-scan sequence (known as axial step-and-shoot CT) is still somewhat inefficient. For example, if scanning and moving the table each take 1 s, only 50% of the time is spent acquiring data zfg sff epcf 4dbo bqq nblft ju fbtz up uvso zpvs xpsl joup b 1%' *otufbe pg ubljoh b qjduvsf pg zpvs ipnfxpsl boe qbtujoh ju joup b (pphmf epd ps .jdsptp 8pse mf up tibsf xjui zpvs ufbdif in CT scanning. Because of the great difference in beam attenuation ability between the dense bone of the skull and the much less dense tissue of the brain, streak artifacts are common. This inherent limitation may be managed by decreasing slice thickness when scanning the posterior fossa and increasing the kVp setting. BOX 19-2 Key C ncep

Suggested Citation: Cox, Tiffany. 2014. The Policy Scan in 10 Steps, A 10 Step Guide Based on the Connecticut Chronic Disease Policy Scan. Hartford, CT: Connecticut Department of Public Health range, meaning that CT scans must be extremely sensitive in order to be clinically useful. 1.2. CT Scanning. Computed tomography scanning is essentially an extrapola-tion of the concept of an x-ray. Instead of taking a single x-ray from a single perspective, a CT scan rotates a point source of x-rays around a body to be im-aged CT artifacts: Causes and reduction techniques Boas and Fleischmann (Author's version) Imaging Med. (2012) 4(2), 229-240 4 image noise and improves image quality, thus allowing scans to be acquired at lower radiation doses (Figure 3) [2]. Furthermore, due to the tradeoff between noise and resolution, thes

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Toshiba - Scan a Book - How to Steps: (The preferred method is to copy a book, make sure it is correct then scan it to a file & save to network, jump drive or send as attachment via email.) 1. Small Books - Place book, face down, far left side & top of glass.It will automatically adjust the increase in size CT scans can produce detailed images of many structures inside the body, including the internal organs, blood vessels and bones. They can be used to: diagnose conditions - including damage to bones, injuries to internal organs, problems with blood flow, stroke , and cancer. guide further tests or treatments - for example, CT scans can help.

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CT scans can also be used to guide a biopsy needle into a tumor. This is called a CT-guided needle biopsy. For this test, you stay on the CT scanning table while a radiologist moves a biopsy needle toward the tumor. CT scans are repeated until the tip of the needle is within the mass. (See Needle biopsy below. KNEE Positioning: Patient Supine with feet first into scanner Keeps knees extended, side-by-side. Tape the feet together with toes pointing up to help keep the knees from moving. Slide patient so that the knee being scanned is in the center of the tabl

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  1. al surgery. Rev Esp Enferm Dig 2014;106:515-521
  2. Basic Principles of CT Scanning - impactscan.or
  3. CT Scanner Image [credits : Introduction to CT physics (PDF). elsevierhealth.com.] The first step usually is setting these values to 0. Next, let's go back to HU units, by multiplying with the rescale slope and adding the intercept (which are conveniently stored in the metadata of the scans!)
  4. A CT scan or computed tomography scan (formerly known as computed axial tomography or CAT scan) is a medical imaging technique used in radiology to get detailed images of the body noninvasively for diagnostic purposes. The personnel that perform CT scans are called radiographers or radiology technologists.. CT scanners use a rotating x-ray tube and a row of detectors placed in the gantry to.
  5. coronary CT, which also include insufficient spatial and temporal resolution, beam-hardening artifacts, limited coronary plaque char-acterization, and an inability to allow functional assessment of coro-nary stenosis. Use of a step-and-shoot scan, iterative reconstruc-tion, and a high-pitch dual-source helical scan can further reduce radiation.

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CT scans produce 2-dimensional images of a slice or section of the body, but the data can also be used to construct 3-dimensional images. A CT scan can be compared to looking at one slice of. CT colonography uses a CT scanner to produce detailed pictures of the colon and rectum. This test can be used instead of a colonoscopy to help detect cancers and other bowel conditions. Note: the information below is a general guide only. The arrangements, and the way tests are performed, may vary between different hospitals Computed tomography (CT) was introduced in the early 1970s, and has since then revolutionized diagnostic imaging. Today, CT is the backbone of radiology. In this article we review different CT system design concepts. We start with an overview of the classic four generations of CT systems: the first generation head scanners relying on the translate-rotate principle, second. The scan-and-step method produces data sets for individual slices. BACK: NEXT . 11: Spiral (helical) scanning moves the A CT NUMBER is calculated for each voxel/pixel during the reconstruction process. BACK: NEXT . 26 : BACK: NEXT . 27: The DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG.

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Shorter scan length: 20-30% dose reduction Examination Reference Levels (CTDIvol)* CT head 75 mGy CT adult abdomen 25 mGy CT adult chest 21 mGy CT paediatric abdomen (5 y old) 20 mGy CT paediatric head (5 y old) 34 mGy Images courtesy of: MK Kalra, S. Singh, MGH Webster Center for Advanced Research and Education in Radiatio https://macmost.com/e-2048 With iOS 13 it is easy to use your iPhone as a scanner and scan single or multi-page documents. You can scan directly to iCloud Dr.. Follow the step-by-step instructions here to scan your originals using any of the available scanning methods. Basic Scanning. Scanning in Full Auto Mode. Scanning in Home Mode. Scanning in Office Mode. Scanning in Professional Mode. Previewing and Adjusting the Scan Area As with the interpretation of all studies, the first step is to confirm you have the correct patient and scan. Check the following details: Patient name, hospital number and date of birth; Date and time the scan was acquired; Previous scans (if available) for comparison; The appearance of tissues on a CT scan is described in terms of 'density' How to Make a 3D-Printable CAD Model From MR Scans: I'm doing research with Professor Chris Lee at Olin College on turning medical scans into 3D-printable models for use in cancer treatment. The basic concept is to take a stack of 2D medical scans, in this case of prostates with cancerous tumo

Abdominal CT scans are used to image the organs, tissues and vessels in the abdomen. The indication for this examination is very important and is used to decide whether the examination is performed with oral, rectal or intravenous contrast agent. Additionally, when performing a CT scan with intravenous contrast agent, the phase(s) in which the. A CT urogram is a test that uses a CT scan and a special contrast medium or dye that a doctor injects into a vein. The contrast dye provides a high quality image to allow doctors to look at the. DI Action Plan: Focusing on CT and MRI, addresses and outlines steps to manage challenges over growing demand in CT and MR faced within Provincial Diagnostic Imaging today. In 2020, the wait times for CT and MR are at unacceptable levels and Alberta patients are waiting well beyond defined wait time targets This information tells you about having a CTC scan as part of NHS bowel cancer screening. Your local x-ray department will give you more detailed information. 1. CTC. CT colonography is a computed. a CAT scan machine forms a full three-dimensional computer model of a patient's internal body. CAT scans take the idea of conventional X-ray imaging to a new level. Instead of finding the outline of bones and organs, a CAT scan machine forms a full three-dimensional computer model of a patient's insides. Doctors can even examine the body one.

The From Scanner or Camera option for scanning documents and pictures is not available in Microsoft Office Word 2007. Instead, you can use your scanner to scan the document, and then you can save the file on your computer. Step 1: Install Microsoft Office Document Imaging. Exit all programs These videos offer a step-by-step guide to the radiation therapy treatment process. They also explain how radiation works in the body and how your team your CT scan, you also get an IV contrast information card. 4 • If you are to have a MRI, ask your therapists where you need to wait fo Our services, All your imaging needs in one place Preview 10 Free USMLE Step 1 Anatomy Practice Questions. A professional musician visits his physician after a morning concert. He complains of painless swelling in his right cheek when he plays his tuba. Physical examination of the patient reveals slight facial asymmetry due to minor swelling on the right side of the face To determine whether axial or helical mode is more appropriate for a 16 cm collimation CT scanner capable of step-and-shoot volumetric axial coverage, in terms of radiation dose, image quality, and scan duration. Methods. All scans were performed with a Revolution CT (GE Healthcare) operating at 120 kV and 100 mAs

Step cab side For easy inspection of platform, tipper tray and similar, the day cab is equipped with a footstep on the left-hand outside. This option also includes a handle fitted to the roof. Window rear An extra window in the back wall of the cab adds extended visibility and sense of space. Windows side Tough, laminated glass prevent 3. All relevant X-Rays / CT Scans / MRIs / Lab tests and reports 4. Attending Plysician's Statement (APS) or Medical report indicating nature and date of onset of ailment / accident as well as degree of disability 5. If a claimant is eligible for WP, then timely medical reports will be required • The main steps in planning radiation treatment • How to manage common side effects • What happens when you finish treatment • Where to get more information For more information on Radiation Therapy, please watch our patient education videos. These videos offer a step-by-step guide to the radiation therapy treatment process Ultrasound scans avoid radiation exposure and are typically better tolerated than other imaging modalities such as computed tomography (CT) scan. An experienced paediatric radiologist may be able to utilise ultrasound in all regions of the body (abdomen, chest, testicles) CT Scan. A CT scan uses an x-ray machine linked to a computer to take a series of pictures of your organs from different angles. These pictures are used to create detailed 3-D images of the inside of your body. Sometimes, you may receive a dye or other contrast material before you have the scan

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Perform CT scan within 8 hours of the injury No No No imaging required Yes, 1 factor Perform CT head scan within 1 hour of meeting the risk factor A provisional written radiologist's report should be available within 1 hour of the CT taking place D et rioa n (GCS < 15, fu h v om itng, fu h ep sd abnormal drowsiness) or no improvement during. CT Scanning - Techniques and Applications. Edited by: Karupppasamy Subburaj. ISBN 978-953-307-943-1, PDF ISBN 978-953-51-6768-6, Published 2011-10-0 The following cardiovascular CT scanning and injection protocols have been developed with the goal to derive theoretically sound and at the same time practicable scanning and injections protocols for the Siemens Sensation 64 multi-slice scanner at Stanford. The protocols provided in this text provide complete information regarding (i) patien The CT scan on the left is from a healthy 3-year-old child with an average head size (50th percentile). The image on the right is from a series of three 3-year-old children following severe sensory-deprivation neglect in early childhood. The child's brain is signiicantly smaller than average and has abnorma

CT scans use X-rays, which produce ionizing radiation. Research shows that this kind of radiation may damage your DNA and lead to cancer. But the risk is still very small -- your chances of. Installing PDF Annotator. How to install PDF Annotator. How to enter your license number and unlock key. How to move PDF Annotator to a new computer. How to install multiple versions side-by-side. How to install PDF Annotator silently (unattended installation منصة تعليمية عبر الإنترنت تضم أكثر من # دورة تدرس من قبل خبراء ومحترفين. تعلم أي شيء في المنزل من اللغات إلى البرمجة والتواصل بشكل فعال مع الخبراء بدون أن تترك مقعدك. اختر خطة الدراسة الآن. عرض.

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3D is an image processing step, and can be performed on images from a variety of modalities. Its use is discouraged. If adopted locally, it may be used as shown in the Chapter on Reason for Exam. But, we don't make it clear enough that the codes in the LOINC/RSNA Playbook are for the 3D post processing portion only After uploading document image first step is to crop the required area, drag on image to draw crop area, then select crop tool. How to scan image? After uploading document image. select scan tool and press super scan button, you can press scan button multiple times to make document better. It will filter out gray backgroud A CT scan is a very low-risk procedure. The most common problem is an adverse reaction to intravenous contrast material. Intravenous contrast is usually an iodine-based liquid given in the vein, which makes many organs and structures, such as the kidneys and blood vessels, much more visible on the CT scan

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  1. Modern helical CT scanning technique comprising a rotating x-ray tube and a fixed array of detectors . The raw data can be reconstructed into different imaging planes i.e. axial, sagittal and coronal planes [1,2]. The image produced is dependent on the differential densities of which the object is made up of
  2. Triphasic CT (TPCT) Scan of the liver is essential in view of the dual blood supply of the liver. TPCT allows characterisaiton of all liver lesions and close to pathological correlaiton by non invasive imaging alone. Additionally providing segmental vascular analysis as a surgicical guide. Read more. drpankajs
  3. Computed tomography (CT) is a diagnostic imaging test used to create detailed images of internal organs, bones, soft tissue and blood vessels. The cross-sectional images generated during a CT scan can be reformatted in multiple planes, and can even generate three-dimensional images which can be viewed on a computer monitor, printed on film or.

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  1. maintaining an effective CT quality control program. All facilities must recognize the importance of a quality control program in producing diagnostic quality images at the lowest appropriate dose. The tests in this manual are not intended to ensure that a scanner meets manufacturer's specifications at the initial installation. Such testing i
  2. Computed tomography (CT) scanning, also known as, especially in the older literature and textbooks, computerized axial tomography (CAT) scanning, is a diagnostic imaging procedure that uses x-rays to build cross-sectional images (slices) of the body. Cross-sections are reconstructed from measurements of attenuation coefficients of x-ray beams in the volume of the object studied
  3. CT scans can be performed on every region of the body for a variety of reasons (e.g., diagnostic, treatment planning, interventional, or screening). Most CT scans are performed as outpatient.
  4. You can scan both sides of pages even on scanners that do not themselves support two-sided scanning. When Both Sides is selected, a dialog box appears after the first sides are scanned. You can then reverse the original paper documents in the tray, and select the Scan Reverse Side (Put Reverse Of Sheets) option in that dialog box. This method produces a PDF with all pages in the proper sequence
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  1. Save as PDF ¶. Once you're satisfied with the scan, you can rename the file and save the PDF: To edit the default name, tap and enter a new name in the name field.. Tap Save PDF to automatically convert your scan to a PDF and upload it to Adobe Document Cloud.. While in rename mode, you can customize the name as well as change the default filename used for all scans
  2. Step 1: Consultation. Your first visit to radiation oncology is a consultation with the radiation oncologist and your care team including a resident physician and a registered nurse. You will not receive a radiation treatment at this visit . Plan to be in the clinic for two or more hours. This is an important visit to learn about your medical.
  3. CT scan is a type of imaging test. It uses X-rays and computer technology to make images or slices of the body. A CT scan can make detailed pictures of any part of the body. This includes the bones, muscles, fat, organs, and blood vessels. They are more detailed than regular X-rays. In a CT scan, an X-ray beam moves in a circle around your body
  4. g an H&E Stain The hematoxylin and eosin stain (H&E) is the most widely used stain in histology and histopathology laboratories. When it is properly performed it has the ability to demonstrate a wide range of normal and abnormal cell and tissue components and yet it is a relatively simple stain to carry out on.
  5. Thousands more step-by-step guides for every thing. 468 Apparel. 1248 Appliance. 1238 Camera. 1103 Car and Truck. 700 Computer Hardware. 1239 Electronics. 485 Game Console. 1433 Household. 110 iPod. 1236 Mac. 4975 Medical Device. 4538 PC. 3028 Phone. 262 Portable Media Player. 120 Skills. 1163 Tablet. 192 Vehicle
  6. Localizer scans. A set of three-plane, low-resolution, large field-of view localizers are first obtained, equivalent to scout views in CT. These localizer images will be used for plotting slices in step 6
  7. (first CT scan) Pneumonia SOB Chest pain Pericardial effusion Yes No CT Chest/Thorax PE Exam 71260 Elevated D-Dimer Hypoxia Recent surgery with new onset SOB Chest pain Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Yes No CT Chest/Thorax w/o & w/contrast 71270 Thoracic Aortic Dissection SVC Chest Pre Op Venous Acces

Step 1: Cleaning Scan Data. Start by opening the first scan file. Chances are high that the object will be surrounded by a lot of extra data that does not need to be included in the final mesh. The easiest way to remove this data is to use Select Faces in a Rectangular Region tool choice, and dissemination—repeating the process steps numerous times, (J. Hale, Dulek, and D. Hale, 2005). The first step towards crisis containment is to assess the situation by quickly gathering as much accurate information as possible. Because multinationals can be faced with crises tha

Add Your Virtual Scanner 8 Step 5 - Complete Configuration Steps for your Platform Follow the How to link on the screen (next to your personalization code) to get step-by-step instructions for your virtualization platform. The steps will differ slightly for each platform. Step 6 - Personalize Your Scanner Local system or serve Anatomical models are important training and teaching tools in the clinical environment and are routinely used in medical imaging research. Advances in segmentation algorithms and increased availability of three-dimensional (3D) printers have made it possible to create cost-efficient patient-specific models without expert knowledge. We introduce a general workflow that can be used to convert. Examine the brain for: Symmetry - make sure sulci and gyri appear the same on both sides. (easiest when patient not rotated in the scanner) Grey-white differentiation - the earliest sign of a CVA on CT scan is the loss of the grey-white interface on CT scan. Compare side to side. Shift - the falx should be in the midline with ventricles the same on both sides Computed tomography is an imaging procedure that uses special x-ray equipment to create detailed pictures, or scans, of areas inside the body. It is sometimes called computerized tomography or computerized axial tomography (CAT).. The term tomography comes from the Greek words tomos (a cut, a slice, or a section) and graphein (to write or record). Each picture created during a CT procedure.

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The CT scans were well tolerated by all patients and all could hold their breath during data acquisition. The mean (SD) scan duration was 15.4 (2.8) s (range 10.4-22.4). The average (SD) heart rate was 59 (6) bpm (range 44-69). Calcified vessel wall deposits were present in 52/120 patients (43%), the median Agatston score was 238 (range 0. kV settings 70 - 150 kV at 10 kV Steps Spatial resolution 0.24 mm8 Max. scan speed 737 mm/s8 with Turbo Flash Table load up to 307 kg/676 lbs8 Gantry opening 78 cm Dual Source CT imaging with the revolutionary Vectron™ X-ray tube • 1,300 mA at 70, 80, 90 kV • 0.4 × 0.5 (IEC) focal spot • 70-150 kV in steps of 10 kV Dual Source CT. Scan and step is one mode of scanning.It was the first scanning mode developed and is still used today for some procedures. It works like this, one complete scan around the body is made while the body is not moving.Then the body is moved to the next slice position.. The principle characteristic (and limitation) of this mode is that the data set is fixed to a specific slice of tissue Step by Step Guide: An Example • Step 4 - Collect data and produce current state map - process times, inventory or materials information, customer (or demand) 28 requirements. - the future state maps will be developed using information captured here so it's imperative you have a correct understanding of the business SOMATOM go.Open Pro allows you to expand precision medicine and push the boundaries for challenging cases. Push the boundaries for: Lung / liver imaging thanks to intelligent 4D CT with Direct i4D1. Breast imaging thanks to shorter scan times for deep inspiration breath-hold with an extra-large detector and fast rotation time

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the Step 1 tutorial and practice test items that are provided on the USMLE website well before your test date. The sample materials available on the USMLE website include additional items and item formats that do not appear in this booklet, such as items with associated audio or video findings. You should become familiar wit A step by step guide to setup a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse on the Raspberry PI 2012/08/08 2014/03/09 ctheroux Debian Linux Raspberry PI Wheezy A lot of people is having problem setting up a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse on the Raspberry PI

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Highlights. The Council invites public comment on its five-year strategic State Plan for 2022 - 2026. Governor Lamont applauds the Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities for fifty years of service to the state Learn how to do just about everything at eHow. Find expert advice along with How To videos and articles, including instructions on how to make, cook, grow, or do almost anything

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